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Short Film Review Listener
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In today's modern world, with multiple opportunities at your threshold, finding a friend or a lover is not difficult. But, how many of these relationships are real or have depth in them? How many of us actually make it a point to meet our friends or relatives when they need us? Despite owning smartphones and have multiple applications on them, people do not seem to have the time to return calls or reply back text messages. Despite having a thousand friends on social media, we do not find a single friend in our vicinity who would be willing to listen to us when we really need to pour our heart to someone.

'Listener', written by Tarun Dudeja, tells the unique story of a middle-aged man who works as a 'listener' in a suburban hotel/restaurant. As listed on the menu, he charges a fairly good amount to listen to what a customer, who has sauntered into the restaurant alone, has to say. A rich businessman talking about how useless his son is, a South Mumbai woman sharing her excitement of driving from one suburb of the city to another and a young man talking about his heartbreak - all these people find an outlet in the man to vent out their supressed feelings and emotions. There is a twist in the tale that is revealed towards the end and Dudeja gives you enough hints to guess it before the big reveal happens. The twist I quite interesting but it might raise a few questions in mind. If one discusses those questions in this review, it will give away the twist, so I will not do it here.

Kumud Mishra is an actor who is, rightfully, being seen in a good number of films every year. After making a stellar film debut with 'Rockstar' in 2011, the actor has proved himself to be a valuable gift to cinema from theatre. Shashank Arora, who has been very selective in his choice of films since making his debut in 'Titli', is very good as the lovelorn man nursing a heart-break. Yusuf Hussain and Shivani Tanksale, too, deliver good performances.

'Listener' is an engaging short, replete with good performances, which compels you to think about the various things it tries to convey long after the end credits have stopped rolling.

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