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 • 'I wrote the script of Missing as a part of my final year project in college' Mukul Abhyankar
 • 'We have tried our best to guard the suspense in Missing' Manoj Bajpayee
 • You have to be very firm as a person to be successful in this industry Chaman Gupta
 • I am very excited about When Obama Loved Osama as it is my first Hindi film Amrita Acharya
 • When I heard the title, I thought it would be an action film Rahul Avana
 • Hichki is one of the first films which pays a tribute to the profession of teaching Rani Mukerji
 • We reshot the film with a different cast Sudhish Kumar Sharma
 • The title of the film would help in raising curiosity amongst the audience Swati Bakshi
 • The audience will be curious about the title of the film before coming to the theatres Mousam Sharma
 • Shahid Kapoor finds his box-office mojo with Padmaavat
 • 20 years of Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya 5 interesting facts related to the film
 • I would like to be a part of projects that are based on social issues and convey a message to the society Pooja Saxena
 • The Padmaavat controversy -a boon or a bane for the film?
 • Practical knowledge of your craft is very important Suzad Iqbal Khan
 • I was always interested in comedy as a genre Jaivindra Singh Bhati

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